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Barre SLIDE-LAG® avec ces glissières

Drum lining using replaceable parts

Our SLIDE-LAG® drum lining system is intended for engine drums, as well as retainer (return) and deflection drums.

It promotes drum/strip adherence. It protects the strip, because of the features in slide lag® whichare used. The slide lag® lining does not require dismantling of the drum : the installation is performed on-site. It is a complete encasing made up of replaceable parts intended for protecting and improving the performance of the drum in which it is installed.

Tambour équipé du système SLIDE-LAG® dont les élements BOR
A profiled structure with a thickness of 12 mm, heat-vulcanized on a Corten or stainless steel support with a thickness of 2 mm. The ensemble cast in this fashion, with a thickness of 14 mm, is produced at a standard length of 1830 mm and in two different widths: 135 mm ("S" symbol) or 142 mm ("L" symbol). Either of these two may be used depending upon the diameter of the drum to be lined.

The SLIDE-LAG® bars are produced on a specific compression press fully dedicated to production of the SLIDE-LAG® product range.

Download the documentation : Majicap - Slide-Lag (~ 12.6 Mo)
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Tambour équipé du système SLIDE-LAG®

The qualities of the elastomer we use

  • Black rubber with anti-abrasion properties which have never failed! Density: 1.15 - Flexibility: 55° +/- 5° Shore A.
  • Anti-oil black rubber
  • Natural blond rubber with a density of 1.05 and hardness of 40° +/- 5° Shore A : ultra-flexible, good shock absorber.
  • Non-flammable chloroprene anti-static rubber.

Gros plan sur la soudure des glissières

The Slides

Theslides provide support for the sliding of the SLIDE-LAG® bars. They are permanently welded onto the drum: the SLIDE-LAG® bars slide between twoslides and are easy to replace. The double and single slides are also produced at standard lengths of 1830 mm. With a thickness of 2 mm, they are provided in either Corten steel or stainless steel.

The Essential Accessories

  • The EDGE-CROWN feature: Piece with a length of 250 mm, with a black rubber profiled anti-abrasion vulcanized rubber, with a width of 135 mm ("S" symbol) or 142 mm ("L" symbol). Oftapering thickness, these parts, placed at the two ends of the drum, allow for better centering of the strip.

  • The BOR feature: a part with a length of 250 mm, with no structure, of a smooth appearance, it is a special red anti-abrasion rubber cast at a width of 135 mm ("S" symbol) or 142 mm ("L" symbol). It is one of the specific wear features at the ends of the drum which help avoid changing the full line, but only on those ends which are in use.
Elément BOR



Even though, in essence, the SLIDE-LAG® is a replaceable part that undergoes wear, we have been asked to develop a part with a stronger thickness.
On another compression press, regularly used to mold airtight joints, we have carefully designed a new range of "small" SLIDE-LAG® pieces.

We say "small" because they are vulcanized at a length of 510 mm (instead of 1830 mm), but they are tough, because they are produced with a rubber thickness of 16 mm (instead of 12 mm). The life span of each specific part is thereby lengthened.

Machine à ceintrer les barres SLIDE-LAG®

Bending: Essential

Each SLIDE-LAG® bar is bent to the drum’s diameter : this essential operation allows the bar to be perfectly coupled with the drum’s diameter and thereby facilitates its sliding and its support under the slides.

What about its life span?

With the exception of a few rare cases (a strip put in place improperly, a drum diameter that is inappropriate for the installation), the life span of the SLIDE-LAG® lining is one of the longest in the range of drum lining systems existing in the market. It is common for a SLIDE-LAG® lining to remain in service for approximately ten years. It is thereforeplacedon installations which are running for just a few hours per day.

The duration of use which we have seen most often ranges from 6 months to 5 years. In the first case, the working conditions are harsh, and the strip is running 24 hours a day. In the latter case, the conditions may be described as "normal," or in other words the strip runs 5 days and is stopped for 2 days.

Many factors play a role in the life span of a SLIDE-LAG® lining: calibration of the drum diameter; improperly regulated strip tension, frequent and harsh starting and stopping of operations.

It is extremely rare for the rubber to come loose from the steel support, and basically never occurs. The rubber is not attached at a cold temperature to a steel support. The SLIDE-LAG® lining is a raw mixture which we then fire: the firing time lasts approximately 12 to 25 minutes. The steel support is de-greased, sanded, coated with two adherents which allow, during firing (or vulcanization) to make the lining fully attach to its support. All four sides of the lining are painstakingly checked.

Tambour d'entrainement : mine d'extraction de charbon en Allemagne
Tambour équipé du système SLIDE-LAG®
Montage du SLIDE-LAG®
Montage du SLIDE-LAG®

Vue de notre presse de vulcanisation à chaud
Vue de notre presse de vulcanisation à chaud
Vue de notre presse de vulcanisation à chaud
Vue de notre presse de vulcanisation à chaud

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